Reach Back, Pull Forward is a summer program that has been hosted in Los Angeles, Houston + Flint, Michigan over the last 6 years. It is an 8-week enrichment program for underserved girls who have interest in any facet of the arts and entertainment industry. The program focuses on GWG’s three fundamental principles: Growing, Giving and Gifting. Each Saturday, selected Mentees interact and dialogue with peers, mentors and career professionals. RBPF provides guidance and free resources, such as talent-specific trainings, workshops to help build confidence and character, and exciting field-trips to give Mentees first-hand exposure to the professional world. The program aims to tap into their talents and inspire them to “unwrap” their gifts by sharing them with the world. The RBPF Summer Program culminates with a Finale Showcase in which the Mentees receive certificates of completion and display their gifts before a large audience of family, friends and entertainment industry professionals. “Miss GWG,” “Miss Star Power” and “Miss MVP” are crowned as well. The Mentee selected as Miss GWG also receives a scholarship, to be used to continue accelerating in their specific field of interest.  

Enrollment for RBPF 2021 coming this Winter