Inspi(Her) is a two-day FREE Summit held in Los Angeles and Houston that focuses on GWG’s core principles of growing, giving and gifting. We engage girls between the ages of 12-18, in a meaningful dialogue and connect them with local youth development programs, civic engagement activities and educational opportunities. The mission of the Summit is to help eliminate barriers to success, maximize potential,  increase self-awareness and confidence, develop a healthy self-identity and also recognize and appreciate the power of their gifts all while exposing them to the benefits of mentors.Girls with Gifts, Inc. selects up to 50 girls to participate at each Summit. After successful completion of the Summit, the participants as well as their family and friends will be invited to the Inspi(Her) brunch where the girls receive their certificates of completion.

Past Inspi(Her) Honorees

  • Valeisha Butterfield-Jones
  • Karen Civil
  • Kahlana Barfield
  • Layne Eskridge
  • Halleemah Nash
  • Candice Boyd
  • DJ Supa Star
  • Cheryl Thomas
  • Johnte Archer

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